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Informasi Kontes Wartawan Konsumen Cerdas

Informasi Kontes Wartawan Konsumen Cerdas - informasi ini juga akan mengawali sebuah debut yang luar biasa di serp . dan semoga akan menjadi baik ,khususnya blog ini . dan berikut update saya kali ini :

Write Journalist 2013 Competition - DJSPK"
Directorate General of Standardization and Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen
Ministry of Commerce
Participants were media journalists who are still active (please attach a press card) and is domiciled in the territory of Indonesia.
The competition lasted for one and a half months, starting on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 and ends Tuesday, April 30, 2013.
A paper submitted is original work is proprietary and not adaptation.
Announcement of winners and awards will be made on the week-May 2, 2013

Copy or scan articles along with articles that are displayed can be sent to email: rheina.ariestia @
Post / article has a minimum of 2,000 characters and a maximum of 5000 characters
A participant may register more than one article that had been aired in the media at the time period March 5, 2013 until 30 April 2013
Jury decisions will be final.
The theme for the contest journalist wrote: "Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen"
Include elements of 'konsumen cerdas' and perlindungan konsumen' in writing. Savvy consumer are:
Enforcing the rights and responsibilities of consumers, namely:
The right to comfort, security and safety in the consumption of goods and services
The right to choose the goods and services as well as goods and services in accordance with the exchange rate and the conditions and guarantees promised
The right to information is correct, clear and honest about the condition and guarantee of goods and services
The right to hear the opinions and complaints on goods and services used
The right to advocacy, protection and dispute resolution efforts should consumer protection
The right to receive guidance and Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen education
The right to be treated or serviced properly and honestly and not discriminatory
Entitled to any compensation, damages and or replacement, if the goods and services received are not in accordance with the agreement or not as it should be
Carefully before buying
Ensuring product quality standard (SNI)
Noting the label, MKG and expired
Purchase as needed
Systematics posts (10%)
The precision and clarity of expression (20%)
Relevance of topics and themes (30%)
Uniqueness and keaktualitasan (20%)
The ability to connect a variety of data and information with arguments (20%)

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